Wine / Yeasts

    Oenoferm® MProtect NEW-Icon

    Metschnikowia pulcherrima wild yeast for the control of spontaneous grape microbiota.


    Universal yeast for pure, typical varietal wines.

    Oenoferm® Be-Red

    Certified organic red wine yeast for fermenting deep‐coloured and structured wines.

    Oenoferm® Belle Arome

    Yeast for an individual style of white wine with a specific bouquet.

    Oenoferm® Bio

    Selection Klingelberg ‐ certified organic dried yeast for organic wine and sparkling wine.

    Oenoferm® Bouquet

    White wine yeast for developing lively and fresh fruit aromas.

    Oenoferm® Cabernet

    Oenological yeast for guaranteed, structure‐promoting fermentation of Cabernet grape varieties.

    Oenoferm® CHA

    Oenological yeast for sparkling wine making.

    Oenoferm® Champ

    Oenological yeast for sparkling wine making.

    Oenoferm® Chardonnay

    Oenological yeast for typical Chardonnay varietal character.

    Oenoferm® Color

    Yeast for full‐bodied, deep‐coloured red wines.

    Oenoferm® Dornfelder

    Structure‐promoting yeast for highly aromatic, modern Dornfelder wines.

    Oenoferm® Elégance

    Oenological yeast for elegant, very fruity white wines.

    Oenoferm® Freddo

    Cold‐tolerant yeast for fresh, fruity wines.

    Oenoferm® Icone

    Alcohol‐tolerant yeast with low SO2 production, for premium red wines intended for maturation.

    Oenoferm® InterDry

    Aroma yeast suitable for stopping fermentation.

    Oenoferm® Klosterneuburg

    Pure cultivated yeast for spicy, peppery aromas ‐ full‐bodied wines.

    Oenoferm® Merlot

    Oenological yeast to emphasise Merlot varietal characteristics.

    Oenoferm® Müller-Thurgau

    Pure cultivated yeast for modern, fresh Müller‐Thurgau (Rivaner) wines with delicate Muscat notes.

    Oenoferm® Pink F3

    Oenological yeast for modern, fruit‐forward, dry rosé wines.

    Oenoferm® PinoType F3

    For all elegant, spicy, fruity wines from the Pinot family.

    Oenoferm® Rheingau F3

    Selected for Riesling by Hochschule Geisenheim University.

    Oenoferm® Riesling F3

    Pure cultivated yeast for typical, fruity Riesling wines.

    Oenoferm® Rosé F3

    Rosé yeast to promote soft, creamy wines with a high intensity of fruit.

    Oenoferm® Rouge F3

    Dried pure cultivated yeast for fruity red wines. Promotes the aroma of red berries and cherries.

    Oenoferm® Structure F3

    Yeast for structured, full bodied and deep coloured red wines.

    Oenoferm® Terra F3

    Yeast to support the terroir character of white and red wine.

    Oenoferm® Tipico F3

    White wine yeast to support typical, ripe, varietal aromas.

    Oenoferm® Trollinger F3

    Yeast selection for typical Trollinger wines. Promotes fruitiness and strength of colour.

    Oenoferm® Veltliner F3

    White wine yeast to promote the fruity, peppery and spicy aromas of Grüner Veltliner.

    Oenoferm® wild & pure F3

    Complex aromas and unique fermentation potential for wild yeasts.

    Oenoferm® X-thiol F3

    Alcohol‐tolerant hybrid yeast for exotic aromas.

    Oenoferm® X-treme F3

    Strongly fermenting hybrid yeast for X‐treme spicy, fruity aromas.

    Oenoferm® Zweigelt F3

    Red wine yeast for typical varietal fermentation of Zweigelt grapes.