Wine / Stability

    Manno Release® NEW-Icon

    Increased mouthfeel and volume.

    MannoFine NEW-Icon

    Liquid mannoprotein for colloid stabilization and mouth feel effect in wine

    MannoPure® NEW-Icon

    Liquid mannoprotein for potassium tartrate stabilization in white, rosé and red wines


    For the suppression of unwanted microbial activity of Gram(+) bacteria (lactic acid bacteria and pediococci) in pitching yeast, on packaging lines, or directly in beer.

    HydroGum Bio

    Organic quality liquid gum arabic.


    Pure potassium metabisulphite for sulphurisation of mash, juice, wine and fruit wine.


    Specially prepared, fractionated tartar crystals for natural tartar stabilisation.


    Pure mannoprotein with stabilising effect.


    Preparation based on mannoprotein with stabilising effect and for improving organoleptics and mouthfeel in wine.


    Homogeneous compound of highly esterified metatartaric acid and gum arabic for extending crystal stability.


    Gentle esterified metatartaric acid.

    Metavin® 40

    Gentle esterified metatartaric acid.

    Metavin® Opti

    Special, optimum esterified metatartaric acid.

    Oenodose 5

    Effervescent sulphur tablets for sulphurisation of wine.

    Senso R

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein and grape tannin for stabilisation and harmonisation.

    Senso Ü

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein.

    Solution sulfureuse P15

    Potassium bisulphite solution for sulphurisation of must and wine.


    Liquid gum arabic from Acacia verek.

    Sulfo Hubert 40

    Liquid ammonium bisulphite for yeast nutrition and sulphurisation of grapes, mash, must and young wine.


    Easily filterable, liquid gum arabic.

    Vinosorb® neu

    To prevent secondary fermentation during cold‐sterile bottling.


    Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) for long‐term crystal stabilisation.


    Special product to protect against oxidation, undesirable microorganisms and to retain the aroma potential.