Wine / Sensory evaluation

    Ercofid Pure-Liquid NEW-Icon

    Liquid copper citrate-based formulation for fining of difficult-to-treat sulphur off-flavours.


    A compound based on special cross‐linked silicon dioxide, with integrated montmorillonite factors from bentonite.

    Erbslöh Clarvinyl

    Treatment of bitter compounds and off flavours.

    Gerbinol® CF

    Tannin adsorption based on gelatines, silicates and isinglass, casein free.

    Gerbinol® Super

    Highly effective tannin adsorption agent.


    Specific wine harmonisation compound, casein free.

    HydroGum Bio

    Organic quality liquid gum arabic.


    Easily soluble potassium milk caseinate for reducing the tannin content in wines.


    Elimination of sulphur off-flavours and similar taints.


    Copper citrate preparation for off-flavour treatment.

    LittoFresh® Sense

    Plant-based organoleptic treatment product for harmonising wines.

    Manno Release®

    Increased mouthfeel and volume.


    Pure mannoprotein with stabilising effect.


    Preparation based on mannoprotein with stabilising effect and for improving organoleptics and mouthfeel in wine.

    Polyclar® V

    Cross‐linked polymer, insoluble in wine, for polyphenol reduction, (PVPP=Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone).

    Senso R

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein and grape tannin for stabilisation and harmonisation.

    Senso Ü

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein.


    Specially developed premium adsorber for splendid organoleptics in modern winemaking.


    Liquid gum arabic from Acacia verek.


    Easily filterable, liquid gum arabic.

    Vinpur® Special

    Casein compound for direct addition.