Wine / Sensory evaluation

    Ercofid Pure-Liquid NEW-Icon

    Liquid copper citrate-based formulation for fining of difficult-to-treat sulphur off-flavours.

    Manno Release® NEW-Icon

    Increased mouthfeel and volume.


    A compound based on special cross‐linked silicon dioxide, with integrated montmorillonite factors from bentonite.

    Erbslöh Clarvinyl

    Treatment of bitter compounds and off flavours.

    Gerbinol® CF

    Tannin adsorption based on gelatines, silicates and isinglass, casein free.

    Gerbinol® Super

    Highly effective tannin adsorption agent.


    Specific wine harmonisation compound, casein free.

    HydroGum Bio

    Organic quality liquid gum arabic.

    Kal-Casin Leicht löslich

    Easily soluble potassium milk caseinate for reducing the tannin content in wines.


    Elimination of sulphur off-flavours and similar taints.


    Copper citrate preparation for off-flavour treatment.

    LittoFresh® Sense

    Plant-based organoleptic treatment product for harmonising wines.


    Pure mannoprotein with stabilising effect.


    Preparation based on mannoprotein with stabilising effect and for improving organoleptics and mouthfeel in wine.

    Polyclar® V

    Cross‐linked polymer, insoluble in wine, for polyphenol reduction, (PVPP=Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone).

    Senso R

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein and grape tannin for stabilisation and harmonisation.

    Senso Ü

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein.


    Specially developed premium adsorber for splendid organoleptics in modern winemaking.


    Liquid gum arabic from Acacia verek.


    Easily filterable, liquid gum arabic.

    Vinpur® Special

    Casein compound for direct addition.