Wine / Malolactic fermentation

    MaloStar® Terra NEW-Icon

    Oenococcus oeni strain suitable for direct inoculation of red wines.

    Bi-Start® Forte SK2

    Lactic acid bacteria for red wine and white wine.

    Bi-Start® Nutri

    Nutrient for malolactic fermentation.

    Bi-Start® Vitale SK11

    MLF starter culture for red and white wines.

    Bi‐Start® Fresh SK55

    Lactic acid bacteria for white and rosé wines.

    MaloStar Cream

    Oenological, ternary mix of robust bacteria strains with various, complementary properties for rapid MLF.

    MaloStar Fruit

    Oenological, second-generation, citrate-negative bacterial culture for diacetyl and acetate-reducing vinification of fruit-driven wines.