Wine / Fining

    LittoFresh® Chito-Flot NEW-Icon

    Liquid blend of phytoprotein and chitin-glucan for fining and flotation.

    LittoFresh® Impact NEW-Icon

    Preventative treatment for white and rosé musts

    CarboTec GE

    Granulate for flavour preserving adsorption and removal of undesired components.


    A compound based on special cross‐linked silicon dioxide, with integrated montmorillonite factors from bentonite.


    Edible gelatine for polyphenol reduction and fining.

    ErbiGel® Bio

    Certified 100% organic edible gelatine for flotation, clarifying and polyphenol reduction.

    ErbiGel® Flot

    Special selected gelatine for flotation in grape juice.

    ErbiGel® Liquid

    Acid-processed, liquid gelatine.

    Erbslöh Mostgelatine

    Liquid, casein-free product for early removal of harsh tannins in mash and juice.

    Erbslöh PVPP

    Oneway Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone/Regenerable polyvinylpolypyrrolidone.


    Isinglass gel for gentle clarification.


    Easily soluble potassium milk caseinate for reducing the tannin content in wines.

    Klar-Sol 30

    Alcaline silica sol for beverage fining.

    Klar-Sol Speedfloc

    Alkaline, transparent special silica sol for beverage fining.

    Klar-Sol Super

    Special silica sol for beverage fining.

    LiquiGel Flot

    Liquid special gelatine for flotation of grape juice.

    LittoFresh® Liquid

    Liquid phytoprotein for fining and harmonising must and wine.

    LittoFresh® Most

    Prophylactic treatment to prevent oxidation and bitterness in wine. Based on phytoprotein.

    LittoFresh® Origin

    Pure phytoprotein for fining and clarifying must and wine.

    LittoFresh® Rosé

    Plant-based must treatment for producing rosé wines.


    Powdered product for preventative must treatment, directly dosable.

    Polyclar® V

    Cross‐linked polymer, insoluble in wine, for polyphenol reduction, (PVPP=Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone).

    PuroCell® O

    Pure, certified organic yeast cell‐wall preparation for adsorption of fermentation‐inhibiting substances and for promoting fermentation activity.

    VinoGel® CF

    Liquid clarification and adsorption agent with a great affinity for tannins, casein free.

    Vinpur® Special

    Casein compound for direct addition.