Wine / Enzymes

    Trenolin® ProStab NEW-Icon

    Enzyme for protein stabilisation

    Trenolin® 4000

    Pectolytic enzyme preparation for mash, juice and young wine treatment, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® BouquetPLUS

    Highly active, depsidase‐free liquid pectinase with an early, aroma‐releasing effect.

    Trenolin® FastFlow

    Special liquid enzyme for intensive pectin degradation in pectin‐rich grape varieties, resulting in better pressability and improved filtration in red and white wines, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Filtro

    Effective clarification and filtration enzyme, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® FlotPLUS

    Liquid special enzyme for rapid depectinisation during flotation of white and rosé must, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Frio

    Special liquid enzyme for effective pectin degradation during cold maceration and clarification as low as 5 °C, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Mash

    Innovative enzyme complex for maceration of white mashes, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Opti

    Fine granulate for treatment of mash, juice and young wine in white wine production, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® PEXX

    Liquid special enzyme for drastic viscosity reduction in a short time.

    Trenolin® Rapid

    Proven pectolytic enzyme preparation for mash, must and young wine treatment, depsidase and glycerine free

    Trenolin® Rosé

    Low colour‐extracting press enzyme.

    Trenolin® Rot

    Liquid pectolytic enzyme preparation for red and rosé wine‐making, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Rouge

    The liquid red wine enzyme for powerful and intensive red wines, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® SuperPLUS

    Highly active, depsidase‐free, liquid pectinase.

    Trenolin® Sur-Lies

    Liquid, highly active oenological enzyme, without collateral cinnamoyl esterase activity, for optimised yeast lysis, resulting in improved structure and greater density.

    Trenolin® Thermo-Stab

    Enzyme complex for all thermovinification methods.

    Trenolin® Xtract

    Liquid special enzyme for optimum breakdown of red mashes, depsidase free.