Wine / Bentonite


    High‐quality calcium‐sodium bentonite granulate


    Granuled calcium bentonite.

    FermoBent® PORE-TEC

    Bentonite for time-saving use during fermentation, direct addition.

    GranuBent PORE-TEC

    Sodium powder bentonite, granuled according PORE-TEChnology.

    MostRein® PORE-TEC

    Granules of bentonite and activated carbon.

    NaCalit® PORE-TEC

    Premium sodium‐calcium bentonite.

    Seporit PORE-TEC

    PORE‐TEChnology bentonite for juice application.

    SodiBent Supra

    Pure, natural, sodium‐bentonite powder.

    UltraBent PORE-TEC UF

    Highly pure and efficient Na‐Ca bentonite for application in crossflow filtration systems.