Whether you produce wine on a traditional artisanal or industrial scale - achieving the best results possible and keeping pace with changing trends remain a challenge. We offer advanced solutions for every stage of modern wine production.

    e.Staves NEW-Icon

    French oak staves with different toast levels.

    Ercofid Pure-Liquid NEW-Icon

    Liquid copper citrate-based formulation for fining of difficult-to-treat sulphur off-flavours.

    GrapeGuard® NEW-Icon

    Plant protection agent based on clay minerals to protect against UV radiation.

    LittoFresh® Chito-Flot NEW-Icon

    Liquid blend of phytoprotein and chitin-glucan for fining and flotation.

    LittoFresh® Impact NEW-Icon

    Preventative treatment for white and rosé musts

    MaloStop F NEW-Icon

    To protect against lactic bacteria

    Oenoferm® MProtect NEW-Icon

    Metschnikowia pulcherrima wild yeast for the control of spontaneous grape microbiota.

    Tannivin® Premium NEW-Icon

    Toasted oak tannin with a specially high ellagitannin content

    Trenolin® ProStab NEW-Icon

    Enzyme for protein stabilisation


    High‐quality calcium‐sodium-bentonite granulate


    For the suppression of unwanted microbial activity of Gram(+) bacteria (lactic acid bacteria and pediococci) in pitching yeast, on packaging lines, or directly in beer.


    According to Dr L. Jakob. Quick test to determine the quantity of bentonite for wine and sweet must.

    Blancobent UF

    Highly pure powder bentonite for crossflow filter systems.


    Biological L(+) lactic acid (80% solution).


    Calcium-bentonite granulated.

    CarboTec GE

    Granulate for flavour preserving adsorption and removal of undesired components.


    Pure cellulose‐based filtration aid.


    A compound based on special cross‐linked silicon dioxide, with integrated montmorillonite factors from bentonite.

    Dicalite Kieselgur

    Filtration aid.

    Dicalite Perlite

    Filtration aid.


    Oak chips.

    e.Bois® Bags & Tubes

    Pure, natural cotton bag for filling with e.Bois® chips.


    Edible gelatine for polyphenol reduction and fining.

    ErbiGel® Bio

    Certified 100% organic edible gelatine for flotation, clarifying and polyphenol reduction.

    ErbiGel® Flot

    Special selected gelatine for flotation in grape juice.

    ErbiGel® Liquid

    Acid-processed, liquid gelatine.

    Erbslöh Clarvinyl

    Treatment of bitter compounds and off flavours.

    Erbslöh CompactLees

    Clarifying suspension as a riddling aid for bottle fermentation.

    Erbslöh EasyKristaTest

    Kit with conductivity meter for assessing crystal stability in wine after Friedrich Gernot.

    Erbslöh Mostgelatine

    Liquid, casein-free product for early removal of harsh tannins in mash and juice.

    Erbslöh PVPP

    Oneway Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone/Regenerable polyvinylpolypyrrolidone.


    Chemically pure precipitated calcium carbonate.

    Ercarbon FA

    Selectively adsorbing activated carbon powder.


    Pure vitamin C product for oxygen reduction in beer.


    For processing small sediment volumes.


    For use as a backing fabric in chamber filter presses.

    FermoBent® PORE-TEC

    Highly pure sodium-calcium-bentonite granulated according to PORE-TEChnology for application during fermentation.

    Gerbinol® CF

    Tannin adsorption based on gelatines, silicates and isinglass, casein free.

    Gerbinol® Super

    Highly effective tannin adsorption agent.

    GranuBent PORE-TEC

    Sodium-bentonite granulated with PORE-TEChnology.


    Selective reacting activated carbon pellets for versatile use.


    Specific wine harmonisation compound, casein free.

    HydroGum Bio

    Organic quality liquid gum arabic.


    Isinglass gel for gentle clarification.


    Pure potassium metabisulphite for sulphurisation of mash, juice, wine and fruit wine.


    Easily soluble potassium milk caseinate for reducing the tannin content in wines.


    Specially prepared, fractionated tartar crystals for natural tartar stabilisation.


    Potassium bicarbonate for fine deacidification.

    Klar-Sol 30

    Alcaline silica sol for beverage fining.

    Klar-Sol Speedfloc

    Alkaline, transparent special silica sol for beverage fining.

    Klar-Sol Super

    Special silica sol for beverage fining.


    Elimination of sulphur off-flavours and similar taints.


    Copper citrate preparation for off-flavour treatment.

    LiquiGel Flot

    Liquid special gelatine for flotation of grape juice.

    LittoFresh® Liquid

    Liquid phytoprotein for fining and harmonising must and wine.

    LittoFresh® Most

    Prophylactic treatment to prevent oxidation and bitterness in wine. Based on phytoprotein.

    LittoFresh® Origin

    Pure phytoprotein for fining and clarifying must and wine.

    LittoFresh® Rosé

    Plant-based must treatment for producing rosé wines.

    LittoFresh® Sense

    Plant-based organoleptic treatment product for harmonising wines.


    Special product for enhanced double salt deacidification according to Dr. Würdig

    MaloStar® Fresh SK55TM

    Lactic acid bacteria for white and rosé wines.

    MaloStar® Fruit

    Oenococcus oeni strain for simultaneous or sequential inoculation of white, rosé and red wines

    MaloStar® Nutri

    Nutrient for malolactic fermentation.

    MaloStar® Terra

    Oenococcus oeni strain suitable for direct inoculation of red wines.

    MaloStar® Vitale SK11TM

    MLF starter culture for red and white wines.

    Manno Release®

    Increased mouthfeel and volume.


    Pure mannoprotein with stabilising effect.


    Liquid mannoprotein for colloid stabilization and mouth feel effect in wine


    Liquid mannoprotein for potassium tartrate stabilization in white, rosé and red wines


    Preparation based on mannoprotein with stabilising effect and for improving organoleptics and mouthfeel in wine.


    Homogeneous compound of highly esterified metatartaric acid and gum arabic for extending crystal stability.


    Gentle esterified metatartaric acid.

    Metavin® 40

    Gentle esterified metatartaric acid.

    Metavin® Opti

    Special, optimum esterified metatartaric acid.

    MostRein® PORE-TEC

    Calcium-sodium-bentonite with activated carbon, granulated according to PORE-TEChnology.

    NaCalit® PORE-TEC

    Sodium-calcium-bentonite granulated with PORE-TEChnology.


    Special calcium carbonate for double salt deacidification.

    Oenodose 5

    Effervescent sulphur tablets for sulphurisation of wine.


    Universal yeast for pure, typical varietal wines.

    Oenoferm® Be-Red

    Certified organic red wine yeast for fermenting deep‐coloured and structured wines.

    Oenoferm® Belle Arome

    Yeast for an individual style of white wine with a specific bouquet.

    Oenoferm® Bio

    Selection Klingelberg ‐ certified organic dried yeast for organic wine and sparkling wine.

    Oenoferm® Bouquet

    White wine yeast for developing lively and fresh fruit aromas.

    Oenoferm® Cabernet

    Oenological yeast for guaranteed, structure‐promoting fermentation of Cabernet grape varieties.

    Oenoferm® CHA

    Oenological yeast for sparkling wine making.

    Oenoferm® Champ

    Oenological yeast for sparkling wine making.

    Oenoferm® Chardonnay

    Oenological yeast for typical Chardonnay varietal character.

    Oenoferm® Color

    Yeast for full‐bodied, deep‐coloured red wines.

    Oenoferm® Dornfelder

    Structure‐promoting yeast for highly aromatic, modern Dornfelder wines.

    Oenoferm® Elégance

    Oenological yeast for elegant, very fruity white wines.

    Oenoferm® Freddo

    Cold‐tolerant yeast for fresh, fruity wines.

    Oenoferm® Icone

    Alcohol‐tolerant yeast with low SO2 production, for premium red wines intended for maturation.

    Oenoferm® InterDry

    Aroma yeast suitable for stopping fermentation.

    Oenoferm® Klosterneuburg

    Pure cultivated yeast for spicy, peppery aromas ‐ full‐bodied wines.

    Oenoferm® Merlot

    Oenological yeast to emphasise Merlot varietal characteristics.

    Oenoferm® Müller-Thurgau

    Pure cultivated yeast for modern, fresh Müller‐Thurgau (Rivaner) wines with delicate Muscat notes.

    Oenoferm® Pink F3

    Oenological yeast for modern, fruit‐forward, dry rosé wines.

    Oenoferm® PinoType F3

    For all elegant, spicy, fruity wines from the Pinot family.

    Oenoferm® Rheingau F3

    Selected for Riesling by Hochschule Geisenheim University.

    Oenoferm® Riesling F3

    Pure cultivated yeast for typical, fruity Riesling wines.

    Oenoferm® Rosé F3

    Rosé yeast to promote soft, creamy wines with a high intensity of fruit.

    Oenoferm® Rouge F3

    Dried pure cultivated yeast for fruity red wines. Promotes the aroma of red berries and cherries.

    Oenoferm® Structure F3

    Yeast for structured, full bodied and deep coloured red wines.

    Oenoferm® Terra F3

    Yeast to support the terroir character of white and red wine.

    Oenoferm® Tipico F3

    White wine yeast to support typical, ripe, varietal aromas.

    Oenoferm® Trollinger F3

    Yeast selection for typical Trollinger wines. Promotes fruitiness and strength of colour.

    Oenoferm® Veltliner F3

    White wine yeast to promote the fruity, peppery and spicy aromas of Grüner Veltliner.

    Oenoferm® wild & pure F3

    Complex aromas and unique fermentation potential for wild yeasts.

    Oenoferm® X-thiol F3

    Alcohol‐tolerant hybrid yeast for exotic aromas.

    Oenoferm® X-treme F3

    Strongly fermenting hybrid yeast for X‐treme spicy, fruity aromas.

    Oenoferm® Zweigelt F3

    Red wine yeast for typical varietal fermentation of Zweigelt grapes.


    Powdered product for preventative must treatment, directly dosable.


    OenoRed® is a pure yeast autolysate for fermentation support, refinement and colour stabilisation of red wines.

    Polyclar® V

    Cross‐linked polymer, insoluble in wine, for polyphenol reduction, (PVPP=Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone).

    PuroCell® O

    Pure, certified organic yeast cell‐wall preparation for adsorption of fermentation‐inhibiting substances and for promoting fermentation activity.

    Senso R

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein and grape tannin for stabilisation and harmonisation.

    Senso Ü

    Liquid gum arabic combined with mannoprotein.


    Specially developed premium adsorber for splendid organoleptics in modern winemaking.

    Seporit PORE-TEC

    Calcium-sodium-bentonite granulated according to PORE-TEChnology for juice application.

    SodiBent Supra

    Sodium-bentonite powder.

    Solution sulfureuse P15

    Potassium bisulphite solution for sulphurisation of must and wine.


    Liquid gum arabic from Acacia verek.

    Sulfo Hubert 40

    Liquid ammonium bisulphite for yeast nutrition and sulphurisation of grapes, mash, must and young wine.


    Easily filterable, liquid gum arabic.

    Tannivin® EH

    Tannivin® EH is a high purity, botanical oenological tannin prepared as a fine brown powder.

    Tannivin® Elevage

    Tannin for refining wine.

    Tannivin® Finesse

    Premium purity oenological tannin ‐ FINE GRANULES.

    Tannivin® Galléol

    Highly pure gallnut tannin for beverage treatment.

    Tannivin® Grape

    Grape tannin from mature, French grapes.

    Tannivin® Multi

    Tannin for mash, juice and wine.

    Tannivin® Structure

    Premium purity oenological tannin ‐ FINE GRANULES.

    Tannivin® Superb

    Oak tannin without astringent tannic substances.

    Trenolin® 4000

    Pectolytic enzyme preparation for mash, juice and young wine treatment, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® BouquetPLUS

    Highly active, depsidase‐free liquid pectinase with an early, aroma‐releasing effect.

    Trenolin® FastFlow

    Special liquid enzyme for intensive pectin degradation in pectin‐rich grape varieties, resulting in better pressability and improved filtration in red and white wines, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Filtro

    Effective clarification and filtration enzyme, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® FlotPLUS

    Liquid special enzyme for rapid depectinisation during flotation of white and rosé must, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Frio

    Special liquid enzyme for effective pectin degradation during cold maceration and clarification as low as 5 °C, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Mash

    Innovative enzyme complex for maceration of white mashes, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Opti

    Fine granulate for treatment of mash, juice and young wine in white wine production, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® PEXX

    Liquid special enzyme for drastic viscosity reduction in a short time.

    Trenolin® Rapid

    Proven pectolytic enzyme preparation for mash, must and young wine treatment, depsidase and glycerine free

    Trenolin® Rosé

    Low colour‐extracting press enzyme.

    Trenolin® Rot

    Liquid pectolytic enzyme preparation for red and rosé wine‐making, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® Rouge

    The liquid red wine enzyme for powerful and intensive red wines, depsidase free.

    Trenolin® SuperPLUS

    Highly active, depsidase‐free, liquid pectinase.

    Trenolin® Sur-Lies

    Liquid, highly active oenological enzyme, without collateral cinnamoyl esterase activity, for optimised yeast lysis, resulting in improved structure and greater density.

    Trenolin® Thermo-Stab

    Enzyme complex for all thermovinification methods.

    Trenolin® Xtract

    Liquid special enzyme for optimum breakdown of red mashes, depsidase free.


    Voluminous cellulose fibres.

    UltraBent PORE-TEC UF

    Highly pure sodium-calcium-bentonite granulated according to PORE-TEChnology for application on crossflow systems.


    Filtration aid ‐ mixed product.

    VinoGel® CF

    Liquid clarification and adsorption agent with a great affinity for tannins, casein free.

    Vinosorb® neu

    To prevent secondary fermentation during cold‐sterile bottling.


    Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) for long‐term crystal stabilisation.


    Special product to protect against oxidation, undesirable microorganisms and to retain the aroma potential.

    Vinpur® Special

    Casein compound for direct addition.

    VitaDrive® F3

    Biological nutrient for yeast rehydration.

    VitaDrive® ProArom

    Organic nutrient to protect yeast and the wine’s aroma.

    VitaFerm® Base

    Base nutrient with inactive yeast.

    VitaFerm® Bio

    Certified 100 % organic yeast nutrient.

    VitaFerm® Ultra F3

    Complex of essential nutrients of the inactive yeast for complete yeast nutrition.

    Vitamon® A, B Sticks, Combi

    Yeast nutrients to support fermentation activity and aroma formation.

    Vitamon® CE

    Yeast nutrient for significantly preclarified juices.

    Vitamon® Liquid

    Liquid yeast nutrient.