Fruit processing / Vegetable

    EnerZyme ALPHA NEW-Icon

    Starch degradation in all products of fruit or cereal origin:


    Biological L(+) lactic acid (80% solution).

    Distizym® FM-TOP

    Special enzyme to digest distilling mashes from hard‐skinned fruit and roots.

    EnerZyme HT

    Glucoamylase for the saccharification of starch.

    EnerZyme P7

    Neutral bacterial protease.

    Fructamyl® FCT

    Special enzyme for starch degradation at lower temperatures without filamentous haze.

    Fructamyl® FHT

    Special enzyme for starch degradation in hot fining without filamentous haze.

    Vegazym HC

    Special enzyme for liquefaction and extraction of vegetable mash.

    Vegazym M

    Maceration enzyme for cloud stable juices and purees.

    Vegazym P

    Special enzyme for vegetable processing.

    Vegazym P-CS

    Special enzyme for enzymatisation of vegetable mash.