Fruit processing / Vegetable


    For suppressing undesirable microbiological activity by gram‐positive bacteria in mash, must, wine and sparkling wine.


    According to Dr L. Jakob. Quick test to determine the quantity of bentonite for wine and sweet must.


    Biological L(+) lactic acid (80% solution).

    Distizym® BA-N

    Bacterial α‐amylase for starch liquefaction.

    Distizym® FM-TOP

    Special enzyme to digest distilling mashes from hard‐skinned fruit and roots.

    EnerZyme® HT

    Glucoamylase for the saccharification of starch.

    EnerZyme® P7

    Neutral bacterial protease.

    Fructamyl® FCT

    Special enzyme for starch degradation at lower temperatures without filamentous haze.

    Fructamyl® FHT

    Special enzyme for starch degradation in hot fining without filamentous haze.

    Vegazym HC

    Special enzyme for liquefaction and extraction of vegetable mash.

    Vegazym M

    Maceration enzyme for cloud stable juices and purees.

    Vegazym P

    Special enzyme for vegetable processing.

    Vegazym P-CS

    Special enzyme for enzymatisation of vegetable mash.