Fruit processing / Grain

    EnerZyme ALPHA NEW-Icon

    Starch degradation in all products of fruit or cereal origin:

    EnerZyme AMYL NEW-Icon

    Bacterial α‐amylase for starch liquefaction

    Beerzym® Amber95

    High concentrated thermostable β‐Glucanase for use in malting, and in mashing when undermodified malts or raw grains (like rye, wheat, oat, emmer, and spelt) are used.

    Distizym® AG ALPHA

    Combined enzyme for starch saccharification in distilling mashes made from farinaceous raw materials.

    Distizym® BA-TSAcid

    Particularly thermostable, extremely acid‐tolerant bacterial α‐amylase for starch liquefaction.

    Distizym® GL

    Thermo‐tolerant fungal pentosanase and fungal ß‐glucanase to prevent increased viscosity.

    Distizym® PROTACID

    Thermo‐tolerant, acid‐stable fungal special enzyme for degrading proteins in distilling mashes made from farinaceous materials.


    Oak chips.

    EnerZyme HT

    Glucoamylase for the saccharification of starch.

    EnerZyme P7

    Neutral bacterial protease.

    Erbslöh Schaum-ex

    Silicon defoamer for distilling mashes.

    Oenoferm® C2

    Selected yeast for fermentation of deficiency media.


    Universal yeast for rapid fermentation of distilling mashes.

    Spiriferm Classic

    Strongly fermenting dry pure yeast for fermenting distilling mashes.