Fruit processing / Grain

    EnerZyme® ALPHA NEW-Icon

    Starch degradation in all products of fruit or cereal origin:

    EnerZyme® AMYL NEW-Icon

    Bacterial α‐amylase for starch liquefaction

    EnerZyme® VISCO NEW-Icon

    Glucan degradation in cereal mashes.

    Beerzym® Amber95

    High concentrated thermostable β‐Glucanase for use in malting, and in mashing when undermodified malts or raw grains (like rye, wheat, oat, emmer, and spelt) are used.

    Distizym® AG ALPHA

    Combined enzyme for starch saccharification in distilling mashes made from farinaceous raw materials.

    Distizym® BA-TSAcid

    Particularly thermostable, extremely acid‐tolerant bacterial α‐amylase for starch liquefaction.

    Distizym® GL

    Thermo‐tolerant fungal pentosanase and fungal ß‐glucanase to prevent increased viscosity.

    Distizym® PROTACID

    Thermo‐tolerant, acid‐stable fungal special enzyme for degrading proteins in distilling mashes made from farinaceous materials.


    Oak chips.

    EnerZyme® HT

    Glucoamylase for the saccharification of starch.

    EnerZyme® P7

    Neutral bacterial protease.

    Erbslöh Schaum-ex

    Silicon defoamer for distilling mashes.

    Oenoferm® C2

    Selected yeast for fermentation of deficiency media.


    Universal yeast for rapid fermentation of distilling mashes.

    Spiriferm Classic

    Strongly fermenting dry pure yeast for fermenting distilling mashes.