Fruit processing / Extracts and tea

    EnerZyme® ALPHA NEW-Icon

    Starch degradation in all products of fruit or cereal origin:

    Frutase® Soft NEW-Icon

    Special enzyme for debittering citrus extracts.

    Akticol FA

    Selectively reacting activated carbon powder for colour adsorption.


    High‐quality calcium‐sodium-bentonite granulate

    Beerzym® Amber95

    High concentrated thermostable β‐Glucanase for use in malting, and in mashing when undermodified malts or raw grains (like rye, wheat, oat, emmer, and spelt) are used.

    Beerzym® COMBI

    Enzyme combination product for glucan and starch degradation and to improve filtration capacity in breweries.

    Blancobent UF

    Highly pure powder bentonite for crossflow filter systems.


    Pure cellulose‐based filtration aid.


    Pressing aid for fruit mashes.

    Citrolase® TF CLEAR

    Special enzyme for the production of clear juices from tropical fruits.

    Distizym® FM-TOP

    Special enzyme to digest distilling mashes from hard‐skinned fruit and roots.

    EnerZyme® HT

    Glucoamylase for the saccharification of starch.

    Ercarbon FA

    Selectively adsorbing activated carbon powder.

    Ercarbon SH

    Selective reacting activated carbon powder.


    Pure plant protein for the treatment of beverages.

    Fructozym® Color

    Special enzyme for particular colour intensive fruit juices.

    Fructozym® Flow UF

    Special enzyme for juices rich in colloids.

    Fructozym® FLUX

    Unique enzyme for treatment of juices rich in colloids.

    Fructozym® NAR

    Special pectinase‐tannase preparation for colour intensive juices extracts and tea bases.

    Fructozym® UF

    Special enzyme for improved filterability and stability of fruit juices.


    Selective reacting activated carbon pellets for versatile use.

    Klar-Sol Super

    Special silica sol for beverage fining.

    Trenolin® BouquetPLUS

    Highly active, depsidase‐free liquid pectinase with an early, aroma‐releasing effect.


    Filtration aid ‐ mixed product.

    Vegazym HC

    Special enzyme for liquefaction and extraction of vegetable mash.