Erbslöh and the longest bar in Geisenheim

This year saw the BEER Symposium held for the second time in Geisenheim. Once again Erbslöh Geisenheim AG, in cooperation with Geisenheim University, extended an invitation to brewers to meet on 16 and 17 November 2017 in the university’s Gerd Erbslöh auditorium. Some 50 participants were interested in the series of presentations at the second two-day symposium and took an active part in the discussions.
The invitation was extended to contributors from Luxembourg and Cologne, but above all from “Bierfranken”, as the upper Franconian part of Bavaria is known, to come and report on their experiences in practice.
The presentations commenced with an introduction to “A traditional Luxembourg family business”. The second presentation asked “What can the beer industry learn from the wine world?” The presentations ended with “Old into new - restructuring a traditional brewery” and “Butcher with a licence to brew”. The first day of the symposium was rounded off by a guided tour of the university’s beverages technology and a beer tasting at Geisenheim’s longest bar, plus a buffet.
On the second day the event focussed on hop aromas, influences on flavour, and filtration. But on this day, too, there was a link from the world of brewing to winemaking. The consistently simple, but extremely successful practice of Schloss Vollrads was explained in the presentation “A medium-sized wine estate’s marketing strategies for accessing new export markets - a practical report on the experiences of Schloss Vollrads”.
All in all it was a very helpful and successful event for practitioners, which finished on Friday lunchtime with very positive feedback.