La Littorale integrated into Erbslöh!

Products from Erbslöh’s French subsidiary, La Littorale, have been integrated into Erbslöh’s global portfolio as part of Erbslöh Geisenheim GmbH’s new brand strategy. As part of the merger, the LittoFresh® range, amongst others, will be introduced on Stand A10, Hall 6 at Intervitis-Interfructa, from 4 to 6 November 2018 in Stuttgart. The modern products are based on phytoproteins and are suitable for more than just vegan wine preparation. Typical areas for application of LittoFresh® Origin (liquid), LittoFresh® Most, LittoFresh® Rosé and LittoFresh® Sense are clarification, flotation and tannin adsorption. The products were developed in France, where they are nowadays a firmly established part of wine production. The new, high-quality oak chips in the e.Bois® range have also been developed with French know-how. Their even, gentle toasting makes them suitable for production of structured, character-driven modern wines. Little, untoasted chips, suitable for pumping, are added to the mash. Large chips, with their different degrees of toasting, are used during fermentation and wine maturation. The chips emphasise the wines’ acidity, body and roasted notes. The products MannoSoftNEW and MannoComplexeNEW are geared to stabilisation and harmonisation. High-quality mannoproteins improve wine stability and enhance the sensory impression. Sensory factors and mouthfeel are lastingly improved for red and white wines. The family company from the Rheingau specialises in beverage processing and finishing. Erbslöh is a world leader in research and development and the manufacture of beverage treatment agents. Over the course of 50 years the company has continually expanded its fields of business and looked to the future. Erbslöh is now a recognised major German and international player in the wine, fruit processing and beer sectors.

Erbslöh Geisenheim GmbH has been in existence for more than 125 years. Today our company specialises in processing and refining of fruit‐based drinks and is a leader in research and development and the manufacture of treatment agents. Even Erbslöh’s move into beverage technology more than 50 years ago was the result of an exceptionally innovative idea. This pioneering spirit is still what drives our family business. The challenge we face is to consistently think of the “future”, both nationally and internationally. From when we were founded until today, we have been governed by the progressive opportunities which innovative products and processes open up for our customers.