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One-step protein stabilisation and filtration with UltraBent PORE-TEC UF

Sometimes bottling comes up fast and you have to do everything at once.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to be more flexible? And cut costs too?
The following article shows you how.

UltraBent PORE‐TEC UF  can be used directly in crossflow filtration and so drastically reduces the time, cost and effort required for protein stabilisation and filtration. As a high purity Na‐Ca bentonite, UltraBent PORE‐TEC UF has been developed specifically to stabilise protein when used with crossflow filtration systems. It can be used in conjunction with the PALL Oenofine XL Crossflow System. For the use with dynamic CF-systems, different models or brands, please contact your filter´s specific manufacturer. UltraBent PORE‐TEC UF is applied to the crossflow system after priming, without the need for racking or prefiltration beforehand. The extremely finely grained bentonite (no particle > 100 μm) avoids abrasive wear on the CF membranes. UltraBent PORE‐TEC UF’s purity and high adsorption ability also reduce the dosages compared to conventional bentonites. Crossflow filters are already used in many areas of application and are also available to hire. The process offers short set-up times, low water and energy consumption, and minimal labour requirements.

Direct application reduces the amount of bentonite required, makes sedimentation time after bentonite fining superfluous, and reduces wine loss. Overall, the time required for clarification and stabilisation is drastically reduced. Faster processing increases production flexibility and overall capacity and enables just in-time bottlings.


  • One-step filtration and protein stabilisation reduces the time and labour required, as well as energy and water consumption
  • This increases production capacity, which can be used more flexibly
  • Less bentonite required compared to conventional bentonites
  • The extremely fine granulation prevents damage to filter membranes
  • No filtration aids required = no subsequent disposal