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    The healing effect of berries has been known to natural medicine since antiquity. Berries and red stone fruit, such as cherries and plums, catch the eye with their red or bluish colours. The colouration is due to the anthocyans which bind with free radicals in the body and so form an important component in a healthy diet.

    Modern purée processing - Technology from nature NEW-Icon

    Even more so than juice, a purée is supposed to transfer all the flavour and goodness of fruit and vegetables into a processed food. Increased fibre, secondary phytochemical content and fuller mouthfeel are important in addition to the usual juice parameters - balanced flavour, ripe aroma, appealing colour. Purées are the prized basis for smoothies, desserts and fruit desserts.

    Activated carbon

    Cider and fruit wine

    • Fermentation
    • Enzymation
    • Clarification and stabilisation
    • Processing diagram

    Coloured fruits & grapes

    Overview enzymation, clarification & stabilisation

    Crossflow filtration

    • Akticol FA-UF
    • Blancobent UF
    • Fructozym®
    Stable fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates
    Production of clear, stable apple juice concentrate
    Overview on UF treatment agents

    Distillation guide

    Fruit and grain distillation

    • Fermentation
    • Enzymation
    • Various processing tables

    Fruit wine

    Overview: Yeast and nutrients for cider and fruit fermentation

    Fruit wine

    Overview stabilisation agents: cider & fruit wine

    Modern apple processing

    Various methods of modern apple processing

    Modern vegetable processing

    For the production of cloud-stable fruit and vegetable juices and purees

    Pome fruits

    Overview enzymation

    Tropical fruits

    Overview of enzymation, clarification and stabilisation