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    Even more so than juice, a purée is supposed to transfer all the flavour and goodness of fruit and vegetables into a processed food. Increased fibre, secondary phytochemical content and fuller mouthfeel are important in addition to the usual juice parameters - balanced flavour, ripe aroma, appealing colour. Purées are the prized basis for smoothies, desserts and fruit desserts.

    Activated carbon

    Cider and fruit wine

    • Fermentation
    • Enzymation
    • Clarification and stabilisation
    • Processing diagram

    Citrus and tropical fruit production

    Coloured fruits & grapes

    Overview enzymation, clarification & stabilisation

    Crossflow filtration

    • Akticol FA-UF
    • Blancobent UF
    • Fructozym®
    Stable fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates
    Production of clear, stable apple juice concentrate
    Overview on UF treatment agents

    Distillation guide

    Fruit and grain distillation

    • Fermentation
    • Enzymation
    • Various processing tables

    Fruit wine

    Overview: Yeast and nutrients for cider and fruit fermentation

    Fruit wine

    Overview stabilisation agents: cider & fruit wine

    Modern apple processing

    Various methods of modern apple processing

    Modern vegetable processing

    For the production of cloud-stable fruit and vegetable juices and purees

    Pome fruits

    Overview enzymation

    Tropical fruits

    Overview of enzymation, clarification and stabilisation