The extensive product range of the Erbslöh Group is divided in two brands – Erbslöh and La Littorale. The latter is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Erbslöh Geisenheim GmbH. Both of the brands mean first-class biotechnological products or treatment and refinement of wines, juices, beer and spirits.


La Littorale

For over 100 years Erbslöh has stood for quality, experience and competence. Customers from wine, beer, spirits and beverage production branches all over the world trust in the Erbslöh brand. Erbslöh has earned this trust not only through the most modern research and development technologies and its own production facilities, but also by its innovative products, services and solutions directly benefiting the customer.
La Littorate was founded in Béziers, deep in Languedoc’s wine-growing region in 1896. Since 2003 it is part of the Erbslöh Group. The products of La Littorale brand incorporate decades of tradition and experience in French winemaking. Vinification Authentique of  La Littorale pronounces the peculiar French style. Unique and authentic wines can thereby be tasted in all  their finery.


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